Day one.

A new job, a new routine.

This will be short because I am sore from working out after a long hiatus. And a bulleted list because I’m lazy.

  • My new job already makes me feel so much more professional.
  • I want to try to workout before work. The time change is really helping with that.
  • I’ve been using ice on my face for anxiety and to cool down after a workout. It’s incredible. An ice roller is on my list.
  • I cannot wait to be paid, Jesus. I’m out of Folgers and will probably use my points to get a cup of coffe. I’m so glad I saved them. I wish I had a sugar daddy or rich partner. My friend treated me to brunch. But not before calling me a bottom. It’s funny and nice to meet a Black person who is so similar to me and also in need of community.
  • I desperately want boobs in my face.
  • Or to hold hands with someone who isn’t a cis man. Still wanting to “heal” in that way.
  • I’ve been embarrassed to admit this, but I had to take a plan b recently. And it was triggering because I knew about the research on higher BMI and this pill. I’m not worried, but also just annoyed with myself.
  • I am so so hard on myself and I’m trying to find a way to ease up that doesn’t require spending money.
  • I really hope to get alone time on vacation. I want to float on my back and forget I’m a person.



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