Photo by Abhay Vyas on Unsplash

to julia, who’s crying, and the woman in a green coat.

we will light frankincense for you like they did when the world began.
we will swirl our spoons three times, sure to click the glass
for effect.
I am so far away from you and I am so sorry.
To be alive is to be aware that others,
are dying.
My sheets tangled down around my feet,
And I slept with weights
on my chest.
To make the night go,
To make the night go.

Where will you wake up?
Do soldiers drool in their sleep?
Did they take your phones?

We’re going to light incense for you, you know.
We are going to be lumbering and clumsy in our uselessness.
My hands are going to drop the lighter, my cups are cracked the tea is weak and coffee is rationed
if you’re good enough.
Are there military songs? Are girls with hair waxed into cannons singing about when the boys will come on home?

They said you’re a teacher. They’ll say you're a hero.
It is too heavy for the spring to come. It has to wait maybe,
until next year.



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