Whatever you want.

Things I don’t do enough.

Withdrawal sounds more serious than “brain zaps”, so I am going with that. I resorted to web md (the horror) because things had become unbearable. Everything listed, which was mercifully little, was how I felt.

With nothing to go on except, “wait it out”, I looked for anyway to get some serotonin back in my system.

I took the rest of today off after I finish some larger tasks.

I watched and rewatched several TikTok’s with one of my favorite songs, “I hear a symphony” by Cody Fry. They’re corny and cringey and some have anime clips. I love it dearly. Absolutely anything to feel better.

A friend suggested whipping out my vibrator which helped immensely.

Now that I have a dose in me, the brain zaps themselves have lessened. I’m still nauseous and delirious from losing two nights of sleep but I’m on the mend.

Although I feel awful, and just want to curl up into a ball or someone and weep, I like this hyper focus on my happiness. I’m babying myself for the first time and it’s not so bad.




A lesbian who writes.

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A lesbian who writes.

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